Laser cut without bars-lasers on the finished duplex box makes it possible


Laser cut without bars …? How does that work?


When laser cut paper, fine handles must be inserted into the subject. For example, so that a a one letter with punze remains-and not just a hole in the form of an a.
That is usually not so pretty. But to intervene visually in a logo is not everyone’s skill.

If lasered motifs are then concealed on colored surfaces, so that the substrate shimmers through in color, then very delicate motifs can be damaged in the process. Just putting more or stronger jetties often doesn’t bring enough – and doesn’t make the subject nicer. The same applies when the contours are coarsened.


Laser cut of a a with and without walkways  

 Cash-filed _ business card _ lasered

Of course, it would be much easier to lash out at the finished duplex carton: No stops needed, no problems with conceding. So why not make it easy? Logical, because when laser, traces of foam are generally created, i.e. fine traces of fire. Depending on the paper, the more or less pronounced ones are pronounced. By the way, the paper that is best suited according to our many years of experience is clearly Colour Matters: This is like being made for lasering.



But when an area has to be removed, the exposed lower surface, if it had been yellow, orange or green before, approaches the hue “foam gauge brown.”

With a new laser system, our partner has succeeded in lowering the temperature of lasering to such an extent that the color of the lower layer can still be recognized as this. Depending on the colour and motif, sometimes not yet optimal-but increasingly close.
And another treat: In the meantime, it is also possible for us to print cardboard in thickness up to a mm finished concealed offset-this corresponds, for example, to Colour Matters 350 + 350 g/sqm.

Suddenly complicated projects with multi-layer materials and laser finishing are as easy as in the old image printing world:



Please confidence in us: As a lasered business card from Colour Matters Triplexproduction agency, we have an excellent reputation, which we vigorously defend.

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More examples of business cards-including in techniques other than laser cut-can be found here.


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