Individual watermarks


This page is still under construction – soon ….


Your company logo (or another motive) as an individual watermark:

What is expensive and elaborate in traditional technology and can usually only be realized in very large quantities is made possible by a patented printing process.


In the conventional way, the mechanical production of the paper ensures that it is thinner and therefore more translucent at the water mark. Our process uses a special printing ink that produces the same effect.


You can quickly find out for yourself how this is achieved by dropping a drop of melted wax onto a sheet of paper and then removing the hardened wax:  Where the drop was, the paper now lets pass more lightthe printing technique works in a similar way.


Most natural papers are suitable for this, so certainly your CI paper, paper thicknesses between 80 and 135 g/sqm are possible and from just 1,000 sheets of A4 your individual motif is feasible


How to proceed now? Send us your motif and your desired paper, we will immediately clarify the feasibility and make you an offer.


Surely you can also think of other applications than “just” a letterhead: Since sheet formats up to 45/64 cm are possible, individual watermarks are also suitable for gift wrap paper sheets or as a header paper for books.



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