Individual labels


Individual labels: Not a product, but a very special product service.


Gone are the days when a standard white label had to stick on a noIndividual label STAFF Fixed Cosmetic labelble envelope. Or other unbeauty of this kind.

We make possible what was definitely not feasible until no
w: Labels to match the business equipment, that is, from the same paper as letterworks and envelopes.


Exclusively through us you will receive:

-Labels made from almost every paper or paper Cardboard and many other flexible materia
ls (including the same as the case. B. Plastic, wood …),
-in almost any form (i.e. also with contour punching),-priIndividual label wood veneer MicroWOOD
nted and unprinted,-as l
eaf hair, tuned to processing in office printers,-and
above all: Even in small quantities!



 Self-adhesive labels individually



A unique product service that perfectly complements and comple
tes our fab
ulous individual letterhulary services.

Individual labels can, of course, also be used like seal marks and become part of your CI.

If you want an offer or want more information or samples, please send us a message: Request


 Individual label self-adhesive



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