Filigran punches: The letter puzzle of the engineering firm Dr.Kreutz + Partner



  Delicing punched lettersThe engineering firm Dr. Kreutz + Partner stands for the highest level of filigree punched letter planning competence – a claim that is also reflected in the company’s mailings.


For the 2011 Christmas mailing, a word puzzle was developed from which the recipient could puzzle solutions to the question “What does a successful engineer call himself at the end of his career?




Many creative solutions were possible, such as “Genie in Rente”. (A genius in retirement) The highly original concept Letter-Puzzle-Mailing of Dr. Kreutz was designed by Oliver J. Stumpf, text and concept by Susanne M. Thiesbürger.


Letter puzzle mailing Dr. Kreutz


König Konzept was tasked with the technical implementation, which was quite at the limit of technical feasibility.


The “puzzle pieces,” i.e. the individual letters, were not allowed to fall out, but had to be loosened cleanly and without damage. As a result, they were not lasered, but punched Delicate punches tool consulting engineersfiligree. This required a careful interfering with typography, for example, to lightly round all corners.


The special trick: The punches of the letters A, B, D and R had to be glued precisely. How we realized this affordably, we don’t reveal to you – but it worked and thrilled everyone.

The weighty words were obtained from Colour Matter’s 1,080 g/sqm in colour Mandarin, wrapped in printed and embossed paper paper.


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