Exquisite finishing


Interesting production techniques – a selection

Color on paper cannot be the paper and printing world’s answer to digital media.
König Konzept consistently relies on high-quality haptic materials and finishing processes that add a third dimension to the two-dimensional medium of paper.

We will introduce some of them here.


FRACTAL CARD presentation portfolio




The other way of transparency.


Koenig Concept Blind Prairie Baby Foot



Relief printing, embossing print & Co.

Make an impression.



Individual envelopes. So letters are really read.

Individual shipping bags







Individual labels
Sealing high quality.

Gmund Ever Individual Label







Laminating paper and cardboard

Tap into the third dimension of the paper:
The thicker, the three!

Woodside + Colour Matters with breakthroughs










Iris print:  An old printing process for colour gradients.
Analog alternative in digital times.






Letters-punched filigree Delicate Punching: Almost like lasers – only without burn marks.






Laser cut “Punching” with the laser.
Cut-out of the 21st century.





If you are a printer and processor yourself:  We certainly don’t see ourselves as your competitors. We are also happy to provide you with our technical know-how – as well as our understanding and expertise as consultants for the needs of the print media industry.



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