Colour Matter's multicolored concealed composite cardboard

Duplex carton and multi-layer concealing of paper and cardboard


Laminating (in German also “kaschieren”) means:

Sticking paper and cardboard together and creating multi-coloured

layers. That sounds easier than it is in practice. Especially if they have

different paper weights or are even different materials. Because every

paper starts to roll when it gets damp:

The “stronger” paper pulls the “weaker” to it and the end product is

wavy (in German “es tellert”), it isn’t flat any more. Non-flatness of paper

is generally understood to mean curling , waviness and discarding of entire

stacks Les Naturals Easter Card King Conceptof paper or individual sheets before or after printing. The larger

the sheet,  the more – because moisture can only escape unevenly during






The optimum solution is to glue two identical papers together or laminate two identical papers onto a central layer. But by using special adhesives and a number of other tricks, it is possible for us to join even unruly papers together.


And what can you exactly do with duplex carton (or triplex carton or quadrex carton)?


Playing with colour and feel: Business cards or presentation folders of     different colours are eye-catchers – with different haptics they invite you   to grab them. For example, high smooth in front and rough at the back.   Subtle  messages that are understood – in the truest sense of the word.

The stimulus is made up by combining it with cut-out and punched out   motifs. Of course, we also offer laser cut and filigree punching in the   highest quality.

The previously unused side of the paper begins to live: Because paper also  has edges. In this case, the cutting edges are colored through. Colored, or even multi-coloured. Gradual construction rounds off the picture and makes completely new design accents possible.



Everything else will come to your mind once you have had a few samples in your hands. Here you can request some: Contact


And last but not least: Colored duplex carton ex works. From 25 sheets. In up to six different coloured layers: Colour Matters. Our 2011 Easter card was also a Colour Matters duplex carton.Duplex_Visitenkarten_Stapel_1








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