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What does a production agency actually do?
How does collaboration make sense to you and to us?

– NOTE! You should know this before you contact us!


If you found us via Google – i.e. entered our homepage “from behind” – you might assume that we are a printing company, an envelope manufacturer, a finishing manufacturer, a laser cutter, a paper dealer, a supplier of flame-retardant products or whatever – depending on the keyword that led you to our web pages.


But we are NOT all that. But:


This means that you get everything from us that you are lookPuzzle-1020383 _ 640ing for: From a single source and at the highest level.

We have huge experience and work together in a tightly knit network of excellent specialists.

Without question: With a lot of time and a lot of luck and if your expectations are not very high, you will also get everything researched and produced yourself. You can also make your own tax return if you have the time and the nerves to do so.
But it makes no sense – not for us and not for you either – if you send us an enquiry and go on looking for printing, paper, finishing yourself …. Then you do the job we actually want to do for you.


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Our working method is briefly outlined as follows:

You describe to us what you have in mind and what quality and budget you have in mind.

We will now send you (at least predominantly) a reliable cost estimate free of charge and, if your enquiry requires it, samples (see sample flat rate), so that you and your customers (if you are a graphic designer, printer or advertising agency) know what we are talking about.



If we are in line with your expectations, we will make you a binding offer, also in a numerous of variations. This includes our costs for research and feasibility testing, for quotation and production support in the event of an order.
Only if you do not place an order with us in the context of a pre-arranged time limit, contrary to expectations, we will charge you for our calculation and research expenses in pre-agreed amounts.

We handle all of this very transparently and pragmatically. Under no circumstances do you have to expect a bill  suddenly flutter into your house without talking with us about costs before.
Similar rules  also apply to our paper -search&find- service ®Matrix-1013612 _ 640



The benefits for you: 

  • You get everything from one source.
  • From someone who knows what he is doing,
  • who has alternatives at hand where you have to research and risk yourself,
  • who keeps his head down and is responsible for deadlines and results
  • and you have your back free to focus on your core competencies.


We have been working in this way for many years. To satisfy our customers is too little for us – to inspire them is our claim. If you take a look around our homepage, you will come across many convincing examples that we have been able to implement.


We look forward to hearing from you and your request by email or by calling +49 89/89 82 77 98-0


On this occasion: In his function as a communications and management consultant, Alfred König also supports you in establishing fee-based consulting models in your own company. The know-how we have been putting into practice for many years is also available to you.

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