The individual embossing plate for your ALTA Embossing Press




In the price ofALTA Embossing Press only 149.90 euros including VAT. (EUR 125.97 net + €23.93 VAT) plus shipping costs – includes a voucher for the production of your individualized embossing stamp.  

The possible standard templates can be found here.


Individual upgrade ALTA minescinced



If, on the other hand, you would like a completely freely designed motif, such as your family crest or your company logo as an embossing tool, you will also need an ALTA embossing insert according to your individual template.

You can easily order this here.






You can also find how this works with the embossed and the embossing tools in summary as PDF.

If anything is still unclear: Please call +49 89/89 82 77 98-0 or send us an email.





The embossed from the frontThe embossed pliers from the side




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