König Konzept – The Production Agency

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König Konzept. The Production Agency.


What you have designed and designed – and of course also what we have come up with for you – we implement as a production agency at the highest level for you. Our expertise, which has grown over many years, begins with our knowledge of materials: Our paper search service makes every paper, every cardboard box and just as naturally non-paper materials such as wood, plastic and much more accessible.

Our network of processing specialists helps us and you to lead every plan that seems so outlandish to the optimal result. We do not shy away from a challenge, keep to the agreement and deliver results that are not satisfactory, but are intended to inspire.    


However, this is only one half of King’s concept:

As a communication agency, we focus on haptics (or rather haptic communication) and text communication. Based on this, we offer a wide range of consulting and coaching services and specialist seminars on customer loyalty.


Our focal points:

-Customers with products and services in need of explanation

-Customers from the industry environment paper, printing, graphics, advertising

Kommunikation und Produktion