FRACTAL CARD ® Perfect perforation

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FRACTAL CARD ®-the other kind of transparency


Interpreting the topic of transparency in a completely new way is the idea of the FRACTAL CARD ® technology. This refers to a delicate full-field perforation, which can only be carried out with a precision machine developed by us.

Because one of several requirements for production iFRACTAL CARD bagss the equilibrium of perforation: The almost complete freedom of congratulations on the front and back. Our machine processes both bow and roll material with interchangeable, predominantly multi-row needle conducsts in continuous propulsion.


An innovation that opens up completely new possibilities for design: Wherever lightness, technical playfulness, the effect of light and shadow are to be emphasized, convincing solutions can be realized with FRFRACTAL-CARD presentation mappe2ACTAL CARD ®.

The deposit with mirroring surface as well as the play with matte and shiny materials look particularly attractive. The combination of two similar or different FRACTAL CARD ® levels creates interference patterns that have an almost holographic effect.


The FRACTAL CARD ® technology allows full-area filigree perforations not only of paper, cardboard and cardboard, but also of plastic and other materialsFractal Card full-area perforations at a thickness of up to 2.5 mm.


More information and patterns on request


As a production agency, we are of course also at your side in the implementation of your projects with FRACTAL CARD ®.


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