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König Konzept. The production agency.


König Konzept is also as a production agency, above all a consulting agency.

Because we don’t just want it to turn out during production that your design doesn’t harmonise optimally with material and finishing technology – that’s why we’re in the same boat with you when you’re in the conception phase and accompany you through the creative process.

You don’t have to be afraid that we will cut and water down your idea so that it fits through the bottleneck of technical possibilities. On the contrary, we support you in really getting the most out of your idea.


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Our network of processors from a wide range of disciplines has grown large and organically, which enables us to achieve extraordinary results. Everyone who works with us in this network has the same understanding of communication, quality and adherence to deadlines.

This means the other way around: We also reject an order if the framework conditions have not been seriously clarified and no reasonable result can be expected from all the “doing hush”. Many customers have been grateful to us over the years for not letting us do things halfway.


We do not define ourselves by the cheapest price, but by quality. This is in case you came across our homepage while surfing the internet. In this context, please consider that it is very easy to give a cheap price if you do not think about the background of your request and only enter numbers into a calculation program.

More information about the portfolio of possibilities can be found here: Techniques

Our service is charged at an hourly rate of 80,- EUR: We guarantee that we will not only open up new options for you, but will also save you a lot of time and unpleasant experiences.

A brief summary of how this works can be found here:  FAQ – The “user manual” for the cooperation with König Konzept

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