Delicate punching


Delicate punching: Ribbon steel punches were yesterday. Lasercut is an alternative of today.
However, filigree punches combine the advantages of lasering with the advantages of mechanical processes.


Laser technology enables a very filigree processing of paper and cardboard.
However, longer runs quickly become expensive and take a lot of time. And there are also the easy signs of burning, which can spoil the aesthetics a little, especially with coated white papers.


Tool for delicate punches-detail


The alternative: filigree punching!
This is because special tools allow punching that comes very close in its fineness to laser cutting.
Usually only very careful adjustments of your motif are necessary, which we will carry out for you.
It is possible to process cardboard and paperboard up to 1.2 mm thick – with creasing in a single operation.






König Konzept will advise you which process is more suitable from a technical and business point of view.

Two duplex business cards illustrate the differences between filigree punching and laser cutting.






And the letter puzzle demonstrates how paper enters the 3rd century. Dimension can be brought.

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Fractal Card perforated bread intow





Another specialty:

The FRACTAL CARD ® technology for a new type of transparency-full-area perforations of paper, cardboard, cardboard, plastic and other materials.

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