Iris Printing – Rainbow Print


Iris printing – old technology, using the example of our Colour Matters sample fanIris print _ old technique


Iris printing, sometimes referred to as rainbow printing, is a printing process that is hardly used anymore.

The inks are applied side by side to the machine’s pressure rollers and the friction is switched off.

This allows several colors to be printed in one printing process. The colour bands are increasingly running with each other.

This creates very pretty effects and the individual print sheRainbow pressureets are more or less unique.

What it takes is an old printing press, sensitivity and fun and desire for your own work.


For the long-awaited model book Colour Matters, the first volume of our emerging material and technology encyclopedia “In the Realm of the Senses,” we opted for this worthy old technique.

 Iris pressure

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Iris Print _ Colour MattersColour Matters _ iris printIris print _ pressure rollers


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