ALTA Embossing Press


Sadly no longer …
Unfortunately, the ALTA embossing tongs are no longer manufactured. Regrettably, we have not yet found an alternative product with a similarly great price-performance ratio.


Leave an impression: The ALTA Embossing Press


To the same extent that digital media determine everything, the longing for something real that can be taken in hand is growing.
Just like the ALTA embossing press: a handy little thing on a wooden base, sturdy and at the same time pretty to look at.

The embossing plier for paper and cardboard is a high-quality device made of metal or plastic, which instead of an imprint on the paper leaves an embossing there – as the name suggests.



You can customise the embossing tongs with an embossing insert. Here is an overview.

This allows you to leave visible and above all tangible traces everywhere. Present yourself three-dimensionally and haptically to others. For example, enhance your business cards and letterhead. Or gift wrapping paper. Or individualise your books with your own Ex Libris.


Please don’t say: “Such nonsense, who is still reading books today?” Well, you do!? Should you ever lend one: A book with your name embossed will surely come back. Because embossing make an impression. Not just in the book. Even with the recipient.



That’s what the embossing stakes look like. Round or rectangular desired?

The ALTA embossed press costs 149.90 Euros including. Vat.
(= EUR 125.97 net), plus shipping.

Included in the price is a coupon code that allows you to easily have your individual embossed plate made via post or internet (suitable for names, initials and signets for wedding, ex Libris, etc.)


The embossed plates are possible round (up to 40 mm in diameter) and rectangular (up to 25 x 50 mm).

If you already own an embossing plier and only need an additional motif, or you would like to change your motif, you can easily order an embossing stamp reorder set.  You can order this easily in our online shop Konzept Shop. Unfortunately only in German language.


For a more elaborate subject (e.g. for your coat of arms or company logo) you still need an Alta embossing insert according to an individual template. This you can order easily in our online shop here.


Any questions? Or order right away? Please contact us.




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