Laser Cut and Laser Engraving


Laser cut and laser engraving of paper and cardboard – finer and more precise


lasered poster _ by _ Dragons _ and _ PrincessesLasercut _ your _ house _ detail


‘ Punching ‘ and engraving with laser light opens up unimagined possibilities in the processing of paper and cardboard. Finest cuts and raz
or-sharp three-dimensional relief engravings are possible, which are not achievable with known punching processes.

Logos, even the smallest and curved lettering and even grid images are easy Lasercut _ your _ houseand perfect to reproduce, and this in the inconspicuous fit accuracy of the motif in combination with other pressure or emboss
ing techniques.


Other advantages of Lasercut opposite
mechanical punching process:

Lasercut business card 
• Especially when running small runs, highly attractive in terms of prices, as no tool is necessary.

• Ideal for high-quality natural papers, which have many advantages over painted papers.

• Disadvantages of laser cut compared to conventional mechanical punching methods: More or less strong inclination to foSONY DSCam marks depending on material and motif (these are fine fire margins in the paper)

• With higher runs long production time, even the price advantage is lost.


However, there is a special mechanical technique of filigree punching, which combines the advantages of laser cut with the advantages of mechanical punching.
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