By dragons and princesses

That some sentences are far too bad to hide between book covers, almo
st every book lover knows this thought. 


Astrid Froese
ARTLIT, the new write-art edition founded lasered poster _ by _ Dragons _ and _ Princessesby Astrid Froese, therefore offers images on which literary quotes are designed in the most imaginative way. Whether calligraphy, silkscreen printing, silver erration or hand press printing: Phrases that are so inspiring or so poetic that you like to read them over and over again are implemented by artists, graphic designers and masterful craftsmen.


For the opulent poster "By Dragons and Princesses," illustrator Malte Knaack created a quote from Rainer Maria Rilke. Knaack's work for the Financial Times Germany has received numerous awards of excellence from the Society of News Design and the European Newspaper Award.


Malte KnaackRefreshingly modern, he has implemented Rilke's words. As writing, he has chosen a Bernhard Antiqua designed by typographer Lucien Bernhard, a contemporary of Rilke, in 1912. By placing the text as a template over his cheerfully playful illustration, he urges the viewer – look closely, thus wisely conforming to Rilke's intention to look at the supposedly dark sides of life from different perspectives.







We from King Concept were commissioned by Malte Knaack and Astrid Froese with pressure and laser cut of the Dragon Pod. From here you can come to the information and order page of ARTLIT, you can order the quote poster exclusively there!







Poster 4/0-colored + UV paint.

Text template lasered in black cardboard.
It used Colour Matter's Ebony Black 270 g/sqm.

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