ALTA Embossing Press – The possible Embossing Motifs at the Inclusive Price







In the price of the ALTA embossing press – currently only 149.90 euros including VAT (EUR 125.97 net + €23.93 VAT) plus shipping costs – includes a coupon booklet from which you can select a wealth of signets and have your personal data supplemented.


The following illustrations – click to enlarge – show the possible motifs.



Your individual motif (your coat of arms, company logo …) can also be produced as a tool, but you will also need the ALTA embossing insert according to individual design, which you can order here in our online shop.


Here you can also download the motifs and information in PDF format. 

And here is the FAQ with information on the best positioning of the embossing use etc.

Please note: These PDFs are only available in German at the moment. If you want to have informations in English, don’t hesitate to contact us.



ALTA_Gutscheinheft_10-13_TEXT QUADALTA_Gutscheinheft_14-17_TEXT QUAD

ALTA_Gutscheinheft_10-13_TEXT RUNDALTA_Gutscheinheft_14-17_TEXT RUND

ALTA_Gutscheinheft_18-21_INITIALEN QUADALTA_Gutscheinheft_18-21_TEXT RUND

ALTA_Gutscheinheft_22-25_INITIALEN QUADALTA_Gutscheinheft_22-25_EX LIBRIS RUND

ALTA_Gutscheinheft_26-29_HOCHZEIT QUADALTA_Gutscheinheft_26-29_HOCHZEIT RUND

ALTA_Gutscheinheft_30-33_HOCHZEIT QUADALTA_Gutscheinheft_30-33_HOCHZEIT RUND

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