ALTA Embossing Press – The possible Embossing Motifs at the Inclusive Price







In the price of ALTA mincescox-currently only 149.90 euros including VAT. (EUR 125.97 net + €23.93 VAT) Plus. Shipping costs-includes a coupon booklet from which you can select a wealth of signets and have your personal data supplemented.


Naching representations-please enlarge by clicking-show the possible motives.



Your individual motif (your coat of arms, company logo …) can also be made as a tool, but this also requires the INDIVIDUAL UPGRADES for the price of 95,-EUR including VAT. (€79.83 net + €15.17 VAT) Plus. Shipping.


Here you can also retrieve the motifs and information as a PDF

And here is the FAQ with information on the best positioning of the embossing use etc.


ALTA_Gutscheinheft_10-13_TEXT QUADALTA_Gutscheinheft_14-17_TEXT QUAD

ALTA_Gutscheinheft_10-13_TEXT RUNDALTA_Gutscheinheft_14-17_TEXT RUND

ALTA_Gutscheinheft_18-21_INITIALEN QUADALTA_Gutscheinheft_18-21_TEXT RUND

ALTA_Gutscheinheft_22-25_INITIALEN QUADALTA_Gutscheinheft_22-25_EX LIBRIS RUND

ALTA_Gutscheinheft_26-29_HOCHZEIT QUADALTA_Gutscheinheft_26-29_HOCHZEIT RUND

ALTA_Gutscheinheft_30-33_HOCHZEIT QUADALTA_Gutscheinheft_30-33_HOCHZEIT RUND

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