The Plastics Engineer with the Embossing Press

 ALTA minescur plastic engineer Kuvert


The freelance engineer Simone M. Fischer, who has been freelance since 2006, is mainly involved with plastic. Her consulting work revolves around cleaning and activating polymer surfaces. Her field of activity also includes project support and the implementation of feasibility studies and much more. A very special and highly complex and very technical topic.




Plastic and paper …? Yes why not!? Mrs. Fischer is well versed in surfaces, and her activity goes very much into the depth.

So this all fits together dazzlingly.

Simone Fischer says about the application of her ALTA embossing press:

“I chose the embossed because through the haptic contact with the embossing the envelope, the document, the greeting card … its everyday life is lost and perceived more intensely. My embossed stamp is pushed from the right over the paper, so that I always place the stamp * to the right in the handle area or as with the Christmas mail in the area of the signature. “

For a Christmas release, she received a nice feedback from one of your customers: “The embossing is very nice and increases the value. Thanks for the card, it’s very special. “


* Always right in the handle area: What it is all about, you will find out in “Do you speak haptically?,” the basisseminar on the haptic communication of Alfred König, to which we were already able to greet Mrs. Fischer.

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