Oliver J. Stumpf and the haptics of the ALTA Embossing Press


OJS Shadow Relief-ALTA minescage




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ALTA embossed OJS Kuvert + stationery


Oliver J. Stumpf is one of the unfortunately still not very numerous designers who regard haptic and visual design as equal. He deals a lot with the medium of cardboard and paper, “because it can be used to achieve a very objective effect. The most important criterion here is the conformity of the message of content and haptic implementation-Haptik must not be a decorative accessory, but should bear the statement.

Who could agree with him more than we do here?!




About the ALTA embossing press, he says:Embossed ALTA Kuvert embossing flap

“I use the embossing press in customer contact very accentuated-not on every document, but on documents intended to radiate special effect or respectability, such as hand-signed letter during first contact, offers or isolated Design presentations.

Especially in times of excessive use of smooth touchscreen surfaces, the sense of touch yearns for haptic grandeur in the truest sense-communication by means of embossed papers plays out its effect in a simple and direct way. “



Letters-punched filigree




Oliver J. Stumpf has also already given us his trust for a very challenging production, in which delicate punching and partial concealing contributed to a highly original mailing:

The Letter puzzle by Dr.  Kreutz + Partner



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