Dang Bui – Young and Digital meets ALTA Embossing Press


Alta embossed embossing Dang Bui


Allegedly, young people are only interested in Facebook, smartphones and everything that works digitally.

We are very happy to correct this prejudice and present Dang Bui: 28 years old. In Germany, the son of Vietnamese parents grew up.  Passionate computer player. Professionally working in IT.

And proud owner of an ALTA embossing press: A Christmas present from his girlfriend, four years his junior.


Where does it come from?

Alfred König has been lecturing for years on the development of haptic markets: That, in addition to the global trend towards digital and virtual, there is another megatrend that strives for the real and the haptic. The fact that these haptic markets are not niches for strings can be seen in phenomena such as Dawanda.


So much for the theory: What does Dang Bui say about it?Picture private Dang Bui

“When I got the pliers, nothing was safe from my coat – everything that looked somehow premeditable was given my name (shopping slips, packaging, plastic (bags), handkerchiefs, wrapping paper, the foil of the cheese …;-)). Since my friends couldn’t imagine anything underneath, I photographed the embossing and showed them up on my phone.

I’m technically + digital very interested, but I find the embossed-it’s a personal, effective thing and embossing almost has addiction factor!

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