Creating Healthy-Thomas Schmidt-Gottfreund and the ALTA Embossing Press

Creating ALTA Praegezange Healthy

“Even your bill seems to be round…!”


A client who was completely satisfied with him wrote this to Thomas Schmidt-Gottfreund when she held his bill in her hands. Like the envelope in which she the bill was stuck, Schmidt-Gottfreund had refined it with his ALTA embossing press.

Thomas Schmidt-Gottfreund advises and accompanies people and organisations in developing and expanding health-promoting structures, attitudes and styles:


Creating Thomas Schmidt-Gottfreund healthy


He says: “Health is not a fateful phenomenon – you can contribute to your health through your behaviour, yet you cannot ‘ make ‘ itFinding your own health is a process of individual sounding. Health coaching is all about that, and I stand by you.

Many steps add up to a successful action. Inner clarity, burgeoning joy, a regained lightness, own desire and your own answers create a lot of confidence. You can count on me as a specialist for doubt.

Being able to respect and trust yourself again seems like a gift. It is simply about one thing: Life is a gift given to you at the very beginning. Take it! ‘





Of course, we are particularly pleased that we were also able to create the business cards of “Gesund Schaffen” by König Konzept.

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