ALTA Embossing Press – Examples of Applications


ALTA Embossing Press – Application examples of our customers


Different people and companies in different industries. What they have in common:

Everyone attaches great importance to a high-quality haptic presentation and has opted for the ALTA embossing press.

On these pages we will show you who these people and companies are and how they use the ALTA embossing press. By clicking on the images you can enlarge them to screen format. But please also click on the names of the persons – you will learn what they do and how they use the ALTA embossing pliers. Be inspired by them!

If you think this is the right thing for you (it certainly is!) – don’t be afraid to ask us questions about how to get a press, how it works to create the tool, or whatever interests you.


Creating ALTA Praegezange Healthy

Thomas Schmidt-Gottfreund

Creating Health and Organizing Advice – 82110 Germering

OJS Shadow Relief-ALTA minescage
Oliver J. Stumpf

Diplom Designer AGD – 91207 Lauf

ALTA minescur plastic engineer Kuvert
Simone M. Fischer

Graduate. (FH) Plastics Technology – 36341 Lauterbach

Alta embossed embossing Dang Bui
Dang Bui

completely private – 81545 Munich

Praegezange _ ALTA _ Paleo _ Serviced _ Apartments

PALEO Finest Serviced Apartments

Ursula Foon – 81369 Munich




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